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H1B Visa Jobs

We regularly work with US companies who hire foreign nationals for H1B visa positions. We have extensive databases of companies nationwide who have a history of sponsoring foreign nationals.

If you are looking for H1B sponsorship we can help match you with an employer.  It doesn’t matter if you are currently in the US in another status or are overseas.  We can help you find an employer qualified to sponsor your H1B petition.

Prior Petition Examples

Here are a couple examples of H1B positions that have been filled in the past.

Job Title



Software Engineer

Mountain View, CA


Trading Assistant

Chicago, IL


Research Historian

Scottsdale, AZ


Technical Consultant

Needham, MA


Financial Analyst

New York, NY


Physical Therapist

Sunrise, FL



Houston, TX


Education Director

Seattle, WA



Las Vegas, NV



This is just a short sample of H1B visa jobs that have already been filled.  We guarantee that we will be able to find an employer in the USA that is qualified to sponsor your H1B visa.

Your Qualifications

In order for a foreign national to qualify for an H1B visa, he or she must either hold a US Bachelor’s degree, a foreign equivalent, 12 years of work experience or a combination of education and work experience.

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